My first dog was rescued and gifted to me in my early twenties. She was a 45 lb cattle dog/ pit bull mix, I named Deedee. Immediately upon receiving DeeDee, she stole my heart with a single look, and a lick, and the soft spot I had in my heart for animals solidified, and then magnified.  The wiggle butt of love would forever and always be at my side.  Deedee She was with me for 15 years and loved me unconditionally.  She had this ability to simply lean in, snuggle up to me, and cure any ailment.  No matter how low I got, she could always make me laugh. She taught me how to love and her devotion made me a better person.   

Pet owners universally share the same basic answer: Nobody can give us the unbridled joy, the unconditional love and warmth our pets give us. In return, we look beyond the fur, and floppy ears, and wet noses to the real “person” underneath. Dogs love us and want to be with us so much that they reflect our own selves back at us.  If you look at my photos of dogs in their unguarded moments you will see, not just a bunch of quirky, adorable dogs, but emotions that you might have thought were only human: love, friendship, annoyance, laughter, confusion, and joy.