Lynn Terry

A happy dog pouncing into the studio is a sign it’s going to be a great day. From the grand stature of a Great Dane to the petiteness of the teacup Yorkie, I am fascinated by the breeds diversities in both physical character and personality.  I'm inspired by the uninhibited spirit, devotion, joy and happiness that is distinctly canine.  And I am here to immortalize the goofy smile, the quirky facial expression, the crooked ear, the snaggletooth, the sheen in their fur or the wiggle in their walk that makes your dog uniquely them.  

I'm incredibly lucky to make my living taking pictures. I have twenty years experience in the photography industry as a commercial, family, and animal photographer. Using my experiences and training in such a diverse scope of work over the years, I pride myself in my technical range --  from creating beautifully lit expressive portraits using studio lighting; to capturing unscripted naturally lit outdoor imagery of your dog running, jumping or swimming; to documenting the bond between you and your pet in an intimate in home session. 

I am honored to have been awarded Best Dog Photographer in the St. Louis Area, while also becoming an internationally recognized private and commercial pet photographer.  My images adorn calendars, greeting cards, and advertising campaigns across the commercial pet industry. I am also the creator of the viral dog photography series: Dogs in a Photo Booth (2014),  (published with the title Tails from the Booth, by Simon and Schuster in 2015).  My work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo!, The Dodo, Good Morning America, The Bark Magazine, The Post Dispatch, and many more.