A creative consultation prior to the photoshoot will determine whether the shoot is best suited in studio, in your home, or on location at a local park or some eclectic location. We will also discuss goals and inspirations, learn about you and your dog to make the shoot unique to you, plan wardrobe and answer any questions.   A session can last 45 minutes to 2 hours with whatever breaks and loads of fun required in between.  A session will take place somewhere we choose together. Your animal(s) personalities will determine what works best for them.  Some dogs may not like the confines or the sounds or the flash of a studio. And sometimes dogs want to run around.

Patience is key to creating the perfect atmosphere where pets (and owners alike) feel comfortable enough to let their personalities shine. My camera doesn't make an appearance until we all warm up to each other. I want your pet(s) to be comfortable with me before I take my first shot. I will give them time to warm up to me.  I will pull out my camera and let them investigate it and check it out at their own pace. I'm a big lover of positive reinforcement so I will be giving lots of treats, pets and love.  
The best photos come when you relax. So breathe, let go, and just be yourself. Best advice always is to go with the flow, don’t get frustrated if on the day of your session things don’t go exactly as planned, they almost always don’t. It will all work out. Stay relaxed, there’s always a way to get some good shots of your animal.  Don’t go overboard on your expectations, if your nervous or over-excited your pet is going to respond to that and act according to the vibes they’re getting from you.  My primary focus is on the comfort and ease of your pet.  We take breaks to ensure time for belly rubs and changing your pet’s focus if needed.  I shoot in a very relaxed manner to ensure that you and your pet have a great time. 

session in-studio   I am passionate about capturing the character of your dog’s spirit. Sometimes, I find that removing all the extra details and just focusing on their faces with a beautifully lit portrait does this best.

Remember this is a new setting for them, so it may take a bit for them to settle and be comfortable.  Keeping calm is the key and it helps letting them explore a bit.  You can practice having them walk over paper laid on the floor to get them used to standing or sitting on the paper backdrop I use.  If the studio session is proving too stressful for your pet, let’s simply stop and arrange to do the session at your home or if workable, a park.  There is simply no point in stressing your animal out.

sessions on-location  The point in doing an outdoor session is to create images of your animal in a natural setting, just being a dog.   It’s where they are most natural and it’s typically less stressful for them. We’ll let your dog lead the way and show us all the things which are important to them like sticks and balls. We will capture him mid-air, running, getting dirty and silly. we will document the best things about him like the drool hanging from his jowls after jaunting through a field, his crooked panting tongue, and the way the fur blows from his face.  it's just one big doggy play date, except I'll be following with a camera.

if you have a favorite spot you go to regularly, chances are that’s going to work best.   the thing to think about when choosing an outdoor location is to make sure it’s not too busy of a spot as that will be too distracting for both you and your pet.  quiet spots are the best choice.  If we’re doing an urban spot, most likely your pet is used to this environment, but let’s talk about what’s best.

sessions at-home  We want what is best for your furry friend. A relaxed dog is a happy dog.  If your animal is small or tends to be nervous, a session in the comfort of your home might be the best choice for both you and them. I love seeing all your dogs quirks that he only has when he is on his turf.

I don't want you to worry about how your home looks. I believe a house should reflect its family.  It shouldn't be perfect. It should have charm and personality. I will walk around to check out light.  I do bring small studio lights to use, if needed.  I might ask to move some decorations or furniture. One of the best parts of shooting at your home is incorporating things that are important and meaningful to you and your pooch. Tell me about your dog. What special things does he do at home? I want to capture what it's like to be your dog for the day. 

Regardless of location, expect to leave having created many special memories you will be able to treasure forever all while having fun doing it.